Removal of registration flag from student record

Each semester all students have a "PERC" (personal restriction) or more commonly known as "Flag" on their record. Advisors remove the PERC after your advising session. Once the PERC is removed you will be able to register yourself for classes using WebAdvisor.

Types of Registration

Registration for classes occurs during each semester for the next semester in the calendar year. There are three different types of registration; Priority Registration, Early Registration, and Registration Day.

Understanding Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

Pre-requisites are courses which are required to be taken before a particular course. Prerequisites are listed in the course description in the college catalog.

Co-requisites are courses that must be taken at the same time as another course.

Students who register for a course which they do not have the correct pre-requisites or co-requisites will be administratively withdrawn from the course. Students are not notified of an automatic administrative withdrawal, and this withdrawal could effect financial aid and graduation.