Course Credit

Know the credit hours required for your major and required courses. In the example below, note the headings: class, lab, clinic, work exp., credit. The heading "class" denotes the number of hours per week that a student will be in the classroom setting for the class. Lab means the number of hours per week for laboratory work. Clinic means hours per week spent working in a clinical sitting, usually off campus. Work Experience means the number of hours a student will work in an apprentice type environment per week.

The last heading "credit" is the number of hours a student earns in one semester for the course. The credit hours add up to meet the required credits to complete the certificate, diploma or degree. Credit hours are also used in the calculation of grade point average and course load.


Course Load

Course Load refers to the total number of semester credit hours for which a student is registered. A full-time course load for a semester is a minimum of 12 credit hours, and up to 21 credit hours. Students may not take more than 21 semester hours without written permission from the Vice President of Student Services.