Online Classes

R u red E? for online courses

Skills required are not only technical, but include good time management, active reading abilities, paying attention to details and more. While scheduling issues are important, an evaluation of all facets of Distance Learning will help ensure your success. Please take a few moments to take the "Are you ready for Distance Learning?" assessment and contact us if you have any questions or reservations.

Call (828) 694-1890,  (828) 694-1894 or (828) 694-1646
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

NOTE: While schedules are somewhat flexible, all courses run on the BRCC calendar and thus most have deadlines for course assignments.

Moodle Requirements

Moodle is BRCC's online learning environment. All students taking a class on-line should complete the Moodle orientation training session online. The link is available for you in the Learn more section on this page.

For Help with Moodle you can contact: The 24/7 Help Desk for Moodle is 866-833-2415 (toll free), Your Instructor for the Moodle Course, or the Distance Learning Support at 828-694-1890, 828-694-1894 or 828-694-1646. Please keep in mind that the 24/7 Help Desk and Distance Learning Support can not answer question concerning the course materials or assignments, they can only assist with the technical aspects of Moodle. For course content questions contact your instructor.

Course Requirement Outlines for On-line classes

As part of Blue Ridge Community College's Quality Enhancement Plan, which is focused on improving student success in online courses, the College will be posting a Course Requirement Outline for every fully online course being offered in the upcoming semester. The Course Requirement Outlines will provide students useful information about every online course, including time requirements and the specific skills necessary to be successful in that course. Students should use this information to help them determine their ability to be successful in a particular online courseprior to registering for that course. At this time, there are no Course Requirement Outlines available for seated courses and/or hybrid courses (seated courses with online documents are available in Moodle).

Information regarding the specific requirements for each online course being offered in the upcoming semester can be found in the Course Requirements Outlines located at: