Withdrawing from a Class

A great resource for all students, not just distance learning students is the "Student Support for Distance Learners", use the link to the left to access the webpage.

During Drop/Add Period

Students may use WebAdvisor or meet with their Academic Advisor to add and/or drop a class during the drop/add period at the beginning of the semester. See the Student Success Guide for a calendar of all important dates.

After Drop/Add Period

A student wishing to officially withdraw from a class before the 10% of the course time, must use WebAdvisor to drop course in order to be eligible any possible refunds. After the 10% point of the class, students who wish to drop a course must notify their instructor that they want to be dropped. Deadline dates are published in the Student Calendar available in the Student Success Guide. The ten percentage point of the semester occurs soon after the start of the semester, it is calculated as the first percentage of the time for the entire semester.

Administrative withdrawal by Instructor or Administer

A student can be withdrawn from a class by a BRCC Instructor or Administer based on lack of attendance, behavioral issues, and other issues that warrant the removal of a student from a class or classes.

Failure to Officially Withdraw

If a student does not officially withdraw from a class and simply stops attending the class, the student may receive a grade of "F" for the class. Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from a class or classes. Failure to officially withdraw from a class or classes could effect a student's eligibility for financial aid.

Students should always consult a Financial Aid Counselor before dropping a class, all drops and withdraws could effect financial aid.